About Us

At CultureTree we believe that our indigenous language is a gift that should be passed on to our children. However, we also understand the various challenges that parents/caregivers face when trying to teach their children a second language.

Our mission is to teach children Yoruba language so that they can not only understand the language but also speak it proficiently. Our method is simple. We make the learning process a fun, interactive and natural experience. Children are more likely to be curious when presented with songs, rhymes, stories and games and therefore are more likely to learn and retain knowledge.

All educational materials featured on CultureTree cover all early learning skills and developmental milestones for children, namely:

  • First Concepts
  • Nature & Animals
  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Building friendships
  • Songs & Rhymes
  • Guessing Games & Activities

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Gbemisola Isimi


As a mother of two young girls, it has always been my desire to pass on my language and culture to my children but it soon became obvious that there was a dearth of educational materials aimed at teaching children Nigerian languages.  This inspired me to do something about it myself. As well as speaking Yoruba to my 1st daughter who was one at the time, I also translated her favourite nursery rhymes into Yoruba and taught them to her. A lot of my friends started asking me to teach their kids songs in Yoruba so I thought “why not make this available to everyone on YouTube”. That was how CultureTreeTV Yoruba got started.

I hope you find our resources helpful and wish you all the best in raising your child/children to appreciate our Nigerian culture, language and heritage.