Advice from a Gambian Mum

Some mums in the YorubaMums Facebook group have joined me in a challenge where we speak, or better yet, try to speak ONLY Yoruba to our children. No English, just Yoruba!

The challenge started about 2 weeks ago and it has been hard. From conversations with my fellow challengers, there has been many slip-ups but what we always try to do is repeat what we’ve said in English again in Yoruba.

I met up with a friend of mine from Gambia to ask for some tips. She speaks 6, yes SIX languages fluently and her 3 year old son is fully bilingual in Fula and English.

Watch the video below to hear my brief chat with her. I hope it helps other parents trying to pass on their language to their children. As she said, consistency is key!

PS. Dads, e ma binu, abeg no vex ehn! You are also very important and also play your part in passing on our culture and language, but in most cases (not all) you know we Mums spend more time with the children so they learn more from us. We will have something for you very soon too. Thank you for your support!


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