Africa Writes Festival 2019

Hi Kemi here…

Okay, so in my blog introduction I promised you I would keep you in the loop as to what is happening in London and beyond on the African cultural scene, and I am pleased to say there is a great event coming up, suitable for both children and adults, at the British Library in London.

The annual Africa Writes festival is on the weekend of the 5th to the 7th of July 2019 and it promises to be a packed weekend full of the very best in African Literature. Some really interesting books will be launched including Afropean by Jonny Pitt. In Afropean, the author has travelled all over Europe to meet with their diverse African communities. It’s meant to be packed full of interesting stories of black people residing all over, from Lisbon to Stockholm. I feel I have a real obligation to read this book as recently, when a new black work colleague introduced themselves as from Amsterdam, I literally was like “really there are black people from Amsterdam?”!  I am now so embarrassed with myself, especially as there are probably people thinking the same thing about me as a “Black British” person!

For the kids, there are family workshops on the Saturday, including a listening of an audio book anthology Story Story, Story Come “ Re-Imagined Folktales from Africa which features original music compositions by legendary Afro-Electro musician Franck Biyong and his team of over twenty musicians. This audiobook sounds great, as I have checked it out on their website . It is a result of a global online contest to invite Africans to write a folktale, either based on an old one or newly imagined. The winners featured on the audio book criss-cross from South Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and beyond. I will be purchasing this audiobook as I am always on the look out of listening material for the long family car journeys. Capital FM gets brain-numbing after a while, Classical FM is good but only keeps our attention for a limited time, the kids pop playlists get sooo repetitive, so we are always looking for good audiobooks! I will let you know how we get on.