Artist Spotlight: Isimi Taiwo

Isimi Taiwo popularly known as ISIMISM is a native of Kogi state, Nigeria. As a forerunner of hyperrealism in Nigeria he focuses on the hyperrrealistic conceptualization and mind bending surrealistic approach of visually expressing his emotions, life experiences and important messages or stories using the element “water”, an important element in the sustainability of life on earth from which his inspiration is drawn from.

He is currently working on a body of works drawn from this inspiration which he themed “Interactions with the joker”. He works with different mediums but most especially oil and pencil.

Isimi Taiwo has had several joint exhibition in prestigious galleries like Terrakulture and Nike Art Gallery including the first Nigerian hyperrealism exhibition “INSANITY” at Omenka Gallery. He has executed several portrait commissions of notable people over the years and has a large portfolio of works covering other fields of art he delved into during the course of his career as a professional artist till date.

He studied Mechanical Engineering but along the course of the program realised his passion for the art and made a big decision to change to Creative Art in his final year in Mechanical Engineering by transferring to the Department of Creative Arts to pursue his dreams of becoming a career artist. Today, Isimi Taiwo is a graduate of the Department of Creative Art 2009 and also a Masters degree MA holder of Creative Art (painting) of the University of Lagos. He is a member of The Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA). He has been called up to many exhibitions and symposiums as guest speaker to encourage the youths on their journey to becoming hyperrealist artists. He has also won several competitions and awards like the 17th Quadrangular games, OYA awards and the CFA awards for best artist of the year 2016 and 2018 respectively, Fine Art America 2019 Billboard contest winner amongst others.

He is currently holding workshops to train and teach passionate artists at the beginner and intermediate levels how to draw and what it takes to be a hyperrealist. He intends to take his workshop program even further by turning it into a school in the nearest future. He currently lives and works in Abuja.

You can find him on social media:

Facebook: isimi taiwo.c
Instagram: isimi_taiwo
Twitter: isimitaiwo