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Advice on raising Bilingual children

Recently, I got the below message from a Dad who wanted advice on how I balanced teaching my kids English and Yoruba. Hello! I’ve just come across your channel on YouTube and all I have to say is, wow! What a great and useful work you’re doing. The videos are very well-done. I’m writing you from […]

#MyWestminster Day

In the midst of sadness let us be joyful, in the midst of division let us show unity, in the midst of hate let us show love. In doing so, we are heaping burning coals on the heads of the enemy! It is an honour for CultureTree to be part of Westminster City Council’s inaugural […]

Introducing CultureTree Play Club

We are excited to announce that our interactive Yoruba parent and toddler playgroup, CultureTree Play Club, will begin from Saturday 10th June till Saturday 12th August 2017. It will take place every Saturday from 10:30am – 11:30am at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre. Your kids will learn Yoruba nursery rhymes and songs, have fun and make new friends. […]

Amikumu: Hang out with friends

I recently granted an interview to She.Leads.Africa. One of the questions they asked me was ‘Some people are looking to learn their mother tongue as adults, what advice would you give them?’  This was my response: “I would say the best thing is to become immersed in the language. Create an environment around you where […]

Ṣòkòtò Tips: DIY Hair conditioner

We Yoruba people have a saying, ‘ohun ti a nwà lo Sókótó o wa lapo Ṣòkòtò’. This means what you are looking for by travelling thousands of miles to the State (Sókótó) is actually in your trousers (Ṣòkòtò). I remember growing up, my grandmother had the most gorgeous hair and glowing skin. She would always […]