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Do you really KnowThatNanny?

We recently came across a website called KnowThatNanny and were so impressed with the concept that we decided it was worth sharing with everyone. KnowThatNanny is an online platform currently aimed at the Nigerian market where employers can post reviews about their current and past domestic staff and these reviews will essentially provide other employers […]

Advice from a Gambian Mum

Some mums in the YorubaMums Facebook group have joined me in a challenge where we speak, or better yet, try to speak ONLY Yoruba to our children. No English, just Yoruba! The challenge started about 2 weeks ago and it has been hard. From conversations with my fellow challengers, there has been many slip-ups but […]


Today, I’ll like to discuss something & it is to do with this matter of names. Our children’s names in particular…