Being British Nigerian and teaching your kids Yoruba

A while ago, I posted a video of me having a chat with my friend from Gambia who speaks 6 languages and is raising her children to be bilingual in Fula and English. You can watch the video here.

Recently, I met up with Vlogger Bibiana Yetty. Bibiana is a wife and working mum of three (3 year old boy & girl twins and a 9 month old baby boy). She has a family and lifestyle channel on YouTube where she shares her day to day life, encouragement and journey of faith, marriage and motherhood with a young growing family.

Bibiana was born in Nigeria but came to live in the U.K. when she was very young. Just like Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua (Omo Yoruba & the world heavyweight champion), when asked if she speaks Yoruba, she responded ‘diye diye’, meaning ‘little little’.

In our chat, we discussed her desire to teach her kids Yoruba, the challenges of being a non-speaker who would like to raise her children to be bilingual, the relevance of learning our mother tongue and much more.

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