Part Three: My Role as a Parent

Our Cultural heritage is a priceless gift.

In our fast-paced lives, a sense of belonging and history keeps us connected to our past and creates a bridge to our future. 

Raising children in a multicultural society can be a rich and fulfilling experience – but there can also be conflicts and challenges.

When teaching our children about their cultural heritage and the traditions we would like to see them continue, it can be difficult to balance these with the environment and ways of life that they are growing up with and embracing.

Join our guest speakers, Kinna Likimani, Adewumi Waliu Mufutau and Rashida Jones in the final part of our webinar series, as they explore the important role parents play in shaping our children’s cultural identity and how we can help them develop a strong and positive relationship with our culture.

Watch the video of this webinar here:


Friday 25th September 2020


18:00 – 19:30


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