Meet our online Yoruba course tutor: Dr. Tola Osunnuga

Dr. Tola Osunnuga holds a Ph.D. in Yoruba Literature. He has been teaching Yoruba language and literature since 1989. He has published scholarly articles on Yoruba language media. Dr Osunnuga’s research interests include African literature, folklore, stylistics, oral tradition, Yoruba popular music, Yoruba culture, translation and interpreting.

Authored Books

Osunnuga, Tola (2001) Tinú-Mi [My Thoughts]. Ile-Ife: Amat Publishing.


Osunnuga, Tola (2018) ‘Stylolinguistic perspective of syntactic techniques in the art of Yorùbá newspaper writing’. Studies in Yoruba Culture, Language and Literature, Festschrift in Honour of Professor Olugboyega Alaba., pp 901-916.

Osunnuga, Tola (2017) ‘A survey of the content and column of the contemporary Yoruba newspaper.Festschrift in Honour of Professor Philip Adedotun Ogundeji, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. [Forthcoming]

Osunnuga, Tola (2016) ‘Graphological foregrounding in contemporary Yorùbá newspapers’. Ihafa: A Journal of African Studies, (8) 1, pp 54-72.

Osunnuga, Tola (2014) Foregrounding and Lexical Deviation: A Case Study of Loan Words in Yorùbá Newspapers’. Ihafa: Journal of African Studies, (6) 1, pp 117-136.

Osunnuga, Tola (2013) ‘Investigating Ambiguity in Headlines of Contemporary Yorùbá Newspapers’.Journal of Linguistics and Literature, (1) 2, pp 61-65.

Osunnuga, Tola (2012) Bílíkísù Sùǹgbọ́n, Akọni Obìnrin Mánigbàgbé [Bilikisu Sungbon, an unforgettable heroine]’. Langbaasa: Journal of Yoruba Studies, (13) 1, pp 37-49.

Osunnuga, Tola (2006) ‘Linguistics Strategies Employed in Yoruba Newspaper Reporting’. Journal of Man and Society, (8) 2, pp 45-61.

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Osunnuga, Tola (2000) ‘Issues in Yoruba Oral Performance’. Journal of Vocational Arts and Social Studies, (3) 1, pp 14-23.

Book Chapters

Osunnuga, Tola and Yusuf, Ayo (2018) ‘Issues and challenges of adopting digital technologies by African language media: the Yoruba example’. In: Salawu, Abiodun, (ed.), African Language Digital Media and Communication. Oxfordshire: Routledge, pp 209-215.

Conference Items

Osunnuga, Tola (2017) ‘A Phraseo-stylistic analysis of the idiom of the Yorùbá newspaper writers’ In: The Yoruba Nation and Politics Since the Nineteenth Century: A Conference in Honor of Professor J.A Atanda. [Forthcoming]