Meet our online Yoruba course tutor: Olayemi Olajide

Olayemi Olajide is a passionate Yoruba teacher. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Yoruba from the University of Ibadan, with a focus on a broad survey of Yoruba culture and language from the ancient time to the present, with special reference to such topics as religion, family, custom, history, literature, arts and sociopolitical organization. 

He tutors students to actively participate in class discussions, dialogues and debates, as well as prepare them for oral presentations and compositions. He is amiable and easy to approach. He has invaluable experience in teaching second language learners with a high degree of authenticity that can only be achieved by a native speaker and scholar. 

He is at the forefront of promoting Yoruba speaking, reading and writing via an online Yoruba Skype Class from Nigeria to students in United States of America, Australia and United Kingdom. 

He is a translator and consulting Research Assistant for Department of African Studies and Anthropology, University of Birmingham, UK.