Our programmes are currently distributed across TV channels in the UK and Africa.

Latest Productions

CBBC My Life: Coding Genius

Coding Genius follows 11 year old Emmanuella who takes her passion for coding to another level by launching a coding club in Abuja, Nigeria. ⁣Commissioned for the award-winning CBBC series My Life, aired 8th March 2021 to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021.

Yorùbá Nursery Rhymes for BBC Tiny Happy People

We produced a series of Yorùbá nursery rhyme videos for BBC Tiny Happy People which are available to watch on their website and social media platforms.


Fizzi is a children’s series on YANGA! TV which showcases African history, music, stories and culture. It was created to appeal to both parent’s and children’s collective cultural imagination.

Àkókò Ìtàn Kẹ́yẹmọ – Kẹ́yẹmọ’s Storytime

This series of live action and animated folktales in Yorùbá was aired on Vox Africa (Sky channel 193) and is now available to watch on our YouTube channel CultureTree TV.

Yorùbá Stars

This series which originally aired on Vox Africa (Sky channel 193) introduces a fun new way for children to learn Yorùbá language. Now showing on our YouTube channel CultureTree TV.

Animated Yorùbá Nursery Rhymes

Our animated cartoons feature popular children’s nursery rhymes which have been translated into Yorùbá and also some traditional Yorùbá songs.

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