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Our teachers are all highly experienced and although they have their own style of teaching, all follow the same CultureTree curriculum.

Dr. Tola Osunnuga

Dr. Osunnuga holds a Ph.D. in Yoruba Literature. He has been teaching Yoruba language and literature since 1989. He has published scholarly articles on Yoruba language media. Dr Osunnuga’s research interests include African literature, folklore, stylistics, oral tradition, Yoruba popular music, Yoruba culture, translation and interpreting.

Below are a few of his publications.

Authored Books

Osunnuga, Tola (2001) Tinú-Mi [My Thoughts]. Ile-Ife: Amat Publishing.


Osunnuga, Tola (2018) ‘Stylolinguistic perspective of syntactic techniques in the art of Yorùbá newspaper writing’. Studies in Yoruba Culture, Language and Literature, Festschrift in Honour of Professor Olugboyega Alaba., pp 901-916.

Osunnuga, Tola (2017) ‘A survey of the content and column of the contemporary Yoruba newspaper.Festschrift in Honour of Professor Philip Adedotun Ogundeji, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. [Forthcoming]

Mosunmola Adeojo

Mosunmola is a PhD student and a writing instructor at the University of Florida.

She has worked as a Yorùbá language teaching assistant at Yale University and as a graduate assistant at the University of Lagos.

Her research and professional interests include Yorùbá language and culture, Victorian and Nigerian literatures, digital media studies, and gender studies.

Olayemi Olajide

Olayemi is a passionate Yoruba teacher. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Yoruba from the University of Ibadan, with a focus on a broad survey of Yoruba culture and language from the ancient time to the present, with special reference to such topics as religion, family, custom, history, literature, arts and sociopolitical organization. 

He tutors students to actively participate in class discussions, dialogues and debates, as well as prepare them for oral presentations and compositions. He is amiable and easy to approach. He has invaluable experience in teaching second language learners with a high degree of authenticity that can only be achieved by a native speaker and scholar. He is a translator and consulting Research Assistant for Department of African Studies and Anthropology, University of Birmingham, UK.  

Marion Sikuade

Marion is an eye surgeon who is very passionate about teaching children Yorùbá language. She was born and raised in Ibadan before she moved to the United Kingdom where she has gained extensive experience in medical education.

Marion is excited about teaching and sharing Yorùbá language with the next generation.

Olumide Ajayi

Olumide is a first year doctoral student of the department of Language and Literacy Education (LLED) at the University of Georgia. His research covers the areas of second language acquisition, teacher education, and language policy implementation and practice. He got a masters degree in TESOL and World Languages Education (TWLE) from the University of Georgia, and has taught Yoruba language as a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) at the same university.

Iyabode Alaga

Ìyábọ̀dé is a student of Yorùbá studies from the University of Ìbàdàn. She acquired her first degree from the department of linguistics and African languages, Yorùbá unit, University of Ìbàdàn with a first class distinction in the year 2014.

Currently, she is a PhD student in the Department of Linguistics and African language: Yorùbá literature unit, researching on Yorùbá oral literature and Yorùbá women.

Abodunrin Oni

Mr. Oni is a seasoned Educator and a retired Principal of a High School in Lagos, Nigeria.

A graduate of Guidance and Counseling/Communication and Language Art from University of Ibadan, Nigeria, he has taught Yoruba language for over 34 years under Teaching Service Commission of Lagos State.

He is very passionate about teaching, especially Yoruba language and has gained high repute over the years.

’Kéjì Akínnúsì

‘Kéjì Akínnúsì is a freelance marketing communications Writer, Yorùbá Linguist and Language Tutor with 4+ years of experience in Yorùbá teaching, both in-classroom and online. With a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics Yorùbá and Master’s in Yorùbá Literature from the University of Lagos State, Nigeria, ‘Kéjì is a published researcher in the Journal of Yorùbá Studies Association of Nigeria (Vol. 11, No. 1, 2022).

She volunteers as an External Language Instructor (Yorùbá) at GirlUp Unseen, a UN Foundation initiative in Nigeria. Her podcast, The Yorùbá Lifestyle, is a creative outlet where she expresses her love for Yorùbá language, culture, and spoken artistry in both English and Yorùbá.

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