Travel Spotlight on Lesotho

Nestled amidst the vast grasslands and ancient structures of Africa lies a hidden gem that often escapes the spotlight – Lesotho, the “Kingdom in the Sky.” This small, yet remarkable country boasts the unique distinction of being the only nation in the world entirely above 1,800 metres.

A view of Lesotho Mountains

Lesotho may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of diamonds, but it is home to some of the world’s most lucrative diamond mines. Visit the Letseng Diamond Mine, one of the highest in the world, and marvel at the incredible engineering required to extract these priceless stones from the mountains.

The Letseng Diamond Mine

One of the best ways to soak in the breathtaking beauty of Lesotho is on horseback. For nature enthusiasts, a hike through Sehlabathebe National Park is a must. This hiker’s paradise is adorned with flowing waterfalls, hidden canyons, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Stand in awe as the mist from the Maletsunyane Falls, Africa’s highest single-drop waterfall caresses your skin.

The Maletsunyane Falls

The colourful culture of Lesotho is as captivating as its natural wonders. Wrap yourself in a traditional Basotho blanket, beautifully woven by local women, and enjoy their warm hospitality. Listen to the sweet sounds of Sesotho, the local language, and join in the traditions handed down through generations. Relax with a glass of Moqoqo, Lesotho’s local beer, by a crackling fire in a cosy Basotho hut.

The traditional Basotho blanket and hut

Lesotho is not just your typical destination – it’s an adventure that will push you beyond your comfort zone. The stunning landscapes and the friendly Basotho people will undoubtedly leave a mark. So, pack your bags – Lesotho awaits.

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