Handa’s Hen – Adìye Handa

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Every morning, Handa, a young girl from the Luo tribe, feeds breakfast to Mondi, her grandma’s black hen. This morning, however, Mondi is nowhere to be seen. So Handa and her friend Akeyo set off on a hunt, coming upon two fluttery butterflies, three stripy mice, four little lizards, five beautiful sunbirds, and many more intriguing creatures. But where could Mondi be? Is that a faint cheeping they hear under the bush? Might Mondi have a surprise in store (or maybe even ten of them)? Luminous colours depict a lush natural setting in this gentle, repetitive story perfect for reading aloud.

Younger readers will enjoy counting crickets and spotting starlings, playing memory games and discovering new and exotic animals. Older readers will be able to develop their vocabulary skills through learning about the natural world.


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