Moyọ̀ àti Kayìn lọ sí Oko




Moyò àti Kayìn jẹ́ ẹ̀gbọ́n àti àbúrò. Lónìí wọ́n ma lọ sí oko pẹ̀lú àwọn òbí wọn. Kíni wón ma rí? Kíni wọn ma ṣe?

Moyo and Kayin are siblings. Today they are off on a farm adventure with their parents. What will they see? What will they do?

Do you wish to introduce your child to the Yoruba language? They will enjoy following the characters, loosely based on the author’s own children, Moyo Zaram and Zim Kayin, as they use simple Yoruba sentences to narrate what they see, hear, do and feel while exploring their environment and making sense of their encounters with nature in this farm adventure story.

This first instalment of the MOYỌ̀ ÀTI KAYÌN series is bound to be a children’s favourite that provides your child with an exciting introduction to Yoruba language and encourages them to try out the wide range of vocabulary on offer. They will learn about animals, foods, plants, greetings, dressing, simple verbs and more.

The story and the characters’ narration are subtitled in English to allow Yoruba language beginners enjoy the story and decipher meaning at the same time. A story quiz and a glossary of important words are also included.


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