Sounds of Africa: Podcasts on African Culture

Podcasting is gaining momentum in Africa, thanks in part to our radio culture. The rise of African podcasts could also be attributed to increased internet access, smartphone usage, and a strong desire to tell genuine African stories.

In this article, we will highlight five podcast shows that offer a platform for African stories to be heard.

Podcasts on African Culture that will interest you

It’s a Continent

Launched in March 2020, this podcast shares stories about diverse cultures, people, and places in Africa. The podcast has a global reach, with listeners in 120 countries. Each episode explores significant historical events that have shaped Africa, making it a great resource for those interested in African history and culture. The podcast ‘It’s a Continent’ is hosted by Chinny Ukata and Astrid Madimba, who were dissatisfied with the little exposure they had to African history growing up in the UK.

It's a continent podcast

African Children’s Stories

As the name suggests, this podcast is designed for children, parents, and teachers, and it shares folktales and myths from across the African continent. This podcast provides valuable insight into Africa’s rich oral tradition and encourages a culture of reading in Africa, making it an excellent resource for children and families. The Podcast is hosted by, a Kenyan-based social enterprise expert in education policy, ed-tech, e-learning, and so on.

African Children's Stories Podcast

Item 13

This is a weekly podcast that explores the world of African cuisine. Item 13 podcast features interviews with chefs, food entrepreneurs, curators, and bloggers. The host, Yorm Tagoe, is Ghanaian, and Item 13 is slang for food or refreshments served after a program or event. This podcast is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning about African food.

Yorm Tagoe's Item 13 Podcast

Talking Heads

The Africa Center in Cape Town launched the Talking Heads podcast to bring together leaders and professionals who are challenging the narrative of what it means to be African. Talking Heads is an excellent podcast because it covers a wide range of topics such as education, art, cinema, leadership, and more. It was founded in 2010 by Brett Bailey.

Talking Heads Podcast

The Afropop Worldwide Podcast

This Award-winning Afropop Worldwide podcast is devoted to music from Africa and the African diaspora. Hosted by Georges Collinet, the podcast covers a wide range of African music-related topics, such as new releases, artist interviews, and cultural context. The Afropop Worldwide podcast is an excellent resource for anyone interested in African music. It is also an excellent method for discovering new artists and genres from around the continent.

Host of the Afropop Worlwide Podcast, Georges Collinet

These are just a few of the many African podcasts that are gaining popularity and showcasing the diversity and richness of African voices and narratives. Whether you’re interested in African history, culture, food, entrepreneurship, or music, there’s a podcast out there for you to discover and enjoy. You can listen to these podcasts on their websites or on your favourite podcast apps. These five podcasts offer diverse insights into the African way of life. Start listening!

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