Yoruba Storytime and Singing Session with CultureTree

Do you want to provide your children with a fun and cultural experience? How about immersing them in Yoruba’s rich and lively culture through enthralling folktales and appealing songs? 

Join us on September 9th at the Africa Writes Literary Festival – Online Programme for Children for a fun interactive Yoruba storytime and singing session.

Yoruba Storytime and Singing Session

Folktales and Music have long been a part of African traditions. They are not only entertaining, but they also teach important life lessons and provide cultural insights. Your children will get the opportunity to hear intriguing Yoruba folktales and songs at this event. These will help impart vital morals that will resonate with young brains.

The event is not only entertaining but also informative, with the potential to develop young minds. Children can get insights into Yoruba culture by participating. Participation in this delightful event is completely FREE.

AGES 0-7 

Register HERE

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