I.J The Yoruba Talking Tortoise




I.J is a fun and original toy, allowing Children to learn the beautiful Yorùbá language through play. It’ll teach them over 100 words. It teaches colours, body parts, numbers, phrases and Yorùbá nursery rhymes. All while being cute and cuddly.

Some of its features include:⁣⁣
– 9 Pressable Buttons⁣⁣
– Teaches Over 100 Yorùbá Words⁣⁣
– 20 Yorùbá Nursery Rhymes⁣⁣
– Teaches; Words, Phrases, Numbers, Colours⁣⁣

UK – delivery only. If you’d like to order from the USA or Canada, please use Amazon for a cheaper and quicker delivery service. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09QLGFKBT 


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