Oluremi Martins-Areola: Empowering Women with Natural Girl Wigs

Oluremi Martins-Areola is the founder and CEO of Natural Girl Wigs, a company that produces high-quality wigs for black women. Inspired by her own experiences and desire to provide inclusive solutions, she recognised the need for high-quality wigs specifically for women of African descent. Her entrepreneurial journey started as a result of bridging this gap. 

After struggling to find wigs that matched the texture of her hair and skin tone, she noticed that many of the wigs on the market were European or Indian weaves. Oluremi was in love with her hair.  This led to her starting Natural Girl Wigs in 2019. She started a community of black women on Instagram who want to care for their hair and also get access to wigs made for just them. She works with an experienced team of wig makers who creates a wide range of styles, length and textures. 

Through her business Natural Girl Wigs, Oluremi has built a platform that advocates for self-acceptance and self-confidence among black women. The brand emphasises the importance of embracing one’s roots and individuality. She has contributed to the beauty industry by reshaping it, challenging traditional standards and encouraging inclusion. She is also passionate about empowering other women entrepreneurs by helping them realise the path to their own goals and dreams either through her Instagram videos, workshops or social media campaigns.

Her hard work and entrepreneurial qualities has led to massive success as Natural Girl Wigs has a large and loyal customer base across the globe. To ease the stress of shipping to one of her biggest markets – the US, she has started manufacturing wigs in the US. 

Oluremi serves as an inspiration to aspiring African entrepreneurs that with passion and perseverance, their dreams are possible. Check out Natural Girl Wigs here.

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